Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The process is extremely quick and easy! Most cases are resolved in 2-5 business days (Covid-19 may cause further delays) and once you get started you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the result. This time frame is only subject to external delays.

Why Subscription? 

We consulted with existing clients and realized that often when content is taken down and removed from websites it regularly returns as new posts.  For clarity and peace of mind, think our service as perpetual service always monitoring the internet for copyright infringement for our members.

Is Verified.Associates a Law Firm 

We bring digital transformation to the legal and other industries.  As process experts we are concerned with speed, accuracy and efficiency.  Although we operate in the legal industry we are not a law firm. We can refer matters to our partner law firms for court proceedings and advisory cases.

How safe is my information?

Safeguarding your valuable information is a key priority. We use Secure Socket Layer encryption to protect your  information  against hacking or exposure.  We do not share your data with any 3rd party,  except to provide the information required to perform the services.  Your data will not be sold to advertisers or anyone else.

 Is it Legal? 

Of course! Our specialists remove your content using take down techniques, letters, requests, and negotiate to resolve your case.  Copyright is covered globally and is applicable for both individuals and corporations.

What if my problem reoccurs soon after I use Verified.Associates? 

That is why we offer a subscription.  If you identify an infringement that was not captured just send us the details and we will initiate a new process to take it down. Send to

What is the success rate? 

We have an almost 100% success rate in removing content from Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and a multitude of other websites. We are very proud of our ability to get results for our clients.

How do I update my Credit Card info? 

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