The Terms of Service of “Verified.Associates” governs your use of Verified.Associates and the other products, features, apps, services, technologies and software that are offered by Verified.Associates including associated Products or Services, except where we expressly state that separate terms not contained here apply. These Products and Services are provided to you by Verified.Associates or a third party provider.

Verified.Associates charges a fee related to work carried out, including the products and services offered by Verified.Associates and any products and services provided or engaged in, are covered by these Terms. By using our Products and Services, you agree that Verified.Associates can provide you with recommendations that are relevant to you and your interests or circumstances. By agreeing to these terms of service, you permit Verified.Associates to use your personal data to help determine which recommendations to offer you.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service Verified.Associates does not have permission to sell your personal data to advertisers, or share information that directly identifies you, including your name, email address or other contact information, with third parties unless it is required in the course of providing our Product or Service or by law. Verified.Associates does share this information if required by law, or 3rd party policy, in order to provide our Product or Service to you.

The Verified.Associates Data Policy outlines the collection and use of your personal data for the purpose of determining some of the Products and Services that you see and provide all of the other Products and Services described below.

1. Products and Services

Verified.Associates provides streamlined processes that enable users to exercise their right to stop unauthorized use of copyrighted material, documents, images, videos, websites, brands and other content, and in addition, a range of business services. 

The mission of Verified.Associates is to provide affordable, accessible, and effective protection of your internet rights. In a world which is more connected than ever, it is important to Verified.Associates that your internet presence, identity, and brand is protected against exploitative systems and individuals. 

By agreeing to the terms of services you allow and authorise Verified.Associates as your agent in carrying out services related to copyright enforcement and content protection.

By agreeing to the Terms of Service you allow Verified.Associates you to use and develop advanced technologies to provide protective and functional services for everyone. You permit Veified.Associates to use and develop advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning systems and augmented reality to enhance the service, and permit us to use the necessary technologies, Products and Services to enforce your rights regardless of physical or geographic location. Verified.Associates may also build sophisticated network and communication technology.  Verified.Associates also transparently states that the development and use of automated systems improves our ability to detect and remove infringing and illegal activity, that may harm the reputation and copyright entitlement of you, the client.

Verified.Associates engages in research and development, to test and improve the available Products and Services. Verified.Associates reserves the right to analyse the data collected from users as a means of and understanding how to improve the provided Products and Services, for example by conducting surveys and testing and troubleshooting new features.The Data Policy of Verified.Associates explains data is used to support research for the purposes of developing and improving services provided by Verified.Associates

The aim and design of Verified.Associates is to provide a consistent and seamless experience across the Verified.Associates Company Products and Services. By agreeing to use of Verified.Associates globally available services, you permit Verified.Associates to store, analyse and distribute content and data in our secure data centres, and/or third party providers, and systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. This infrastructure may be operated or controlled by Verified.Associates, or its affiliates, or other third parties.

To provide our services, Verified.Associates requires legal licence and permissions to use your content and information. Verified.Associates states that this is only for the purposes of providing and improving available or developing Products and Services as described in Section 1.

Specifically, when Verified.Associates finds or discovers your shared, posted, redistributed or uploaded content that is protected by international property and copyright laws or in connection with our Products and Services, you grant Verified.Associates a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free and worldwide licence to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate and create derivative works of your content, consistent with designing new and improving existing Products and Services on a perpetual basis. This means that if Verified.Associates discovers or locates material, documents, images, videos, websites, brand information and other content or meta data in the course of providing Verified.Associates Products or Services, by agreeing to the Terms of Service you provide permission to store, copy and share it with others (consistent with further protecting unauthorized use), such as affiliate partners and third parties that use the services designed by Verified.Associates or other Verified.Associates Products and Services you use or they use to protect copyrighted, unauthorized use of your material, documents, images, videos, websites, brand information and other content. This licence will end if your content is deleted from Verified.Associate systems.

By accepting the Verified.Associates Terms of Service, you give express permission and unmitigated approval to act on your behalf for the purposes of performing a business process in the form of our Products and Services. You explicitly grant the following:

  1. Verified.Associates has your permission to use your social media alias, first and last names, profile picture and information about your case for Verified.Associates marketing purposes. You give Verified.Associates permission to use your name and profile picture and information about actions that have been taken by Verified.Associates for marketing purposes at our sole discretion, without any compensation to you. We may use your case to show the results or success outcome provided to you by using the Product or Service of Verified.Associates. This may be in the form of an advertisement in print, audio, video, text or image or other media format for marketing purposes.  
  2. Permission to update software that you use or download: If you download or use Verified.Associates software, you give us permission to download and install updates to the software as required.

By agreeing to the Terms of Service of Verified.Associates you acknowledge and understand that any work carried out is not guaranteed to have a complete one hundred percent accuracy rate, and is subject to the performance of external parties and infringing sites. Verified.Associates reserves the right to bill you, the user, even if all content is not yet removed using the relevant systems and processes. By accepting the terms of service you acknowledge that we reserve the right to bill you at any time Verified.Associates sees necessary in relation to work carried out. 

By agreeing to the Terms of Service you irrevocably agree to pay the fee associated with your chosen service, which is non refundable and non transferable. Verified.Associates restates that no guarantee is made of one hundred percent accuracy or success, and the fee payable will be billed once at least 30% of work carried out has successfully been removed or resolved, in relation to copyright infringement. For business and identity impersonation one time fees are due for payment when the identified website or other infringing materials are taken down from the reference website(s) and information you provided to Verified.Associates from the online forms on our website or other emails sent to us.  A payment invoice or other request for payment can start immediately from when evidence of content take down has been achieved.  Verified.Associates reserves the right to bill you for the published and agreed upon fee, and you acknowledge this by agreeing to these Terms of Service. 

By agreeing to the Terms of Service of Verified.Associates you acknowledge that Verified.Associates reserves the right to sever the client-company relationship at any point. You also acknowledge that verified.Associates reserves the right to discontinue services without any refund where it is seen fit, specifically in the circumstances of client grievance, conflict of interest, or user misconduct or in the case false information is provided. Any false or misleading information provided by you or communications that are deemed rude, intimidating, offensive, illegal or otherwise considered as in-appropriate will result in a termination of subscription or service without refund or any other compensation.

2. Additional provisions

1. Updating our Terms

Verified.Associates works constantly to improve our services and develop new features to make our Products better for you and our community. As a result, Verified.Associates may need to update these Terms from time to time to accurately reflect our services and practices. Verified.Associates will only make changes if the provisions are no longer appropriate or if they are incomplete, and only if the changes are reasonable and take due account of your interests.

Verified.Associates suggests that you bookmark and  regularly check our website for policy updates.  Once any updated Terms are in effect, you will be bound by them if you continue to use Verified.Associates Products and Services.

We hope that you will continue using Verified.Associates Products and Services, but if you do not agree to the updated Terms and no longer want to be a Verified.Associates customer, you can advise Verified.Associates in writing, via email to information@verified.associates,  to delete your account at any time.

2. Limits on liability

Our Products and Services are provided "as is" basis, and Verified.Associates make no guarantees that they will always be safe, secure or error-free, or that they will function without disruptions, delays or imperfections. To the extent permitted by law, Verified.Associates also disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness, for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. 

By accepting the terms of service you acknowledge that any content which is not exclusively owned by you will not be removed, and any improper communication or failure to explicitly identify externally owned content will be the responsibility and liability of you if legal action ensues. 

Verified.Associates cannot predict, guarantee, or warn when issues may arise with our Products and Services. Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and under no circumstances will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms or Verified.Associates Products and Services, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
3. Disputes

We try to provide clear rules so that we can limit or hopefully avoid disputes between you and us. If a dispute does arise, however, it's important to understand the jurisdiction where it can be resolved and which laws will apply.

If you are a consumer or other entity, the laws of the country in which you reside will apply to any claim, cause of action or dispute that you have against Verified.Associates that arises out of or relates to these Terms or the Verified.Associates Products or Services, and you may resolve your claim in any competent Court in that country that has jurisdiction over the claim. In all other cases, you agree that the claim must be resolved exclusively in the Courts of Australia. You also agree that you submit to the personal jurisdiction of these courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim, and that the laws of Australia will govern these Terms and any claim, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

3. Other

These Terms are for the entire agreement between you and Verified.Associates, regarding your use of the agreed Products and Services. They supersede any prior agreements.

Some Products and Services offered may also be governed by supplemental Terms. If you use any of those Products or Services, supplemental terms will be made available and will become part of this agreement with you. To the extent that any supplemental Terms conflict with these Terms, the supplemental Terms shall govern to the extent of the conflict.

If any portion of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion will remain in full force and effect. If Verified.Associates fail to enforce any of these Terms, it will not be considered a waiver. Any amendment to or waiver of these Terms must be made in writing and signed by us.

You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else without the consent of Verified.Associates 

You may designate a person, also known as a legacy contact to manage your account if it is memorialised. Only your legacy contact or a person who you have identified in a valid will or similar document expressing clear consent to disclose your content upon death or incapacity will be able to seek disclosure from your account after it is memorialised.

These Terms do not confer any third-party beneficiary rights. All of the rights and obligations of Verified.Associates under these Terms are freely assignable by us in connection with a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise.

By agreeing to these Terms of Service you acknowledge and give permission for Verified.Associates to change the username for your account in certain circumstances (for example, if someone else claims the username and it appears unrelated to the name that you use in everyday life). We will inform you in advance if Verified.Associate is required to do this and explain why.

Verified.Associates appreciates your feedback and other suggestions about our products and services. It is necessary you understand that Verified.Associates may use them without any restriction or obligation to compensate you, and we are under no obligation to keep them confidential.

We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

3. Other Terms and Policies that may apply to you

  • Commercial Terms: These Terms apply if you also access or use the Products and Services of Verified.Associates for any commercial or business purpose, including advertising, operating an app on the Verified.Associates Platform, using our measurement services, managing a group or a Page for a business, or selling goods or services. 
  • Verified.Associates Platform Policy: These guidelines outline the Policies that apply to your use of the Verified.Associates platforms (for example, for developers or operators of a platform application or website or if you use plugins). This section is a placeholder for if and when the platform is opened for external access.
  • Payment Terms: These Terms apply to payments made to or through Verified.Associates. All payments are payable and due on the subscription start date or the subscription renewal date, which is calculated from the start date of the selected subscription plan; monthly, quarterly or annually. Subscriptions will start on the payment received date and are auto renewable at the beginning of the new subscription period; either monthly, quarterly or annually, unless cancelled before the renewal date. You may upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by sending a request to information@verified.associates.  No refund will be provided for the remainder of the subscription period. Taxes and fees may be included or excluded depending on the country where the subscription is paid from. Payment credentials. For your convenience, we allow you to fund your transactions using credit cards and other payment methods in the future.  Authority, when you provide a payment credential to us, you confirm that you are permitted to use that payment credential. When you fund a transaction, you authorise us (and our designated payment processor) to charge the full amount to the payment credential that you designate for the transaction. You also authorise us to collect and store that payment credential, along with other related transaction information. We may also use certain payment card updater services, whose availability varies by issuer, to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information about the payment credentials we store. Authorisation, if you pay by credit or debit card, we may obtain a pre-approval from the issuer of the card for an amount, which may be as high as the full price of your payment. Your card will be charged at the time you initiate a payment, or shortly thereafter. If you cancel a transaction before completion, this pre-approval may result in those funds not otherwise being immediately available to you.
  • Duty to notify us. If you believe that an unauthorised or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place under your account, you agree to notify us immediately, so that we may take action to prevent financial loss. Unless you submit the claim to us within 30 days after the charge, you will have waived, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all claims against us arising out of or otherwise related to the transaction.
  • Intervention. We may intervene in disputes concerning payments that may arise between you and a developer, but we have no obligation to do so.
  • Technical difficulties. If you experience a technical failure or interruption of service that causes your payment to fail, you may request that your transaction be completed at a later time.
  • Notices and amendments to these Payments Terms
  • Notice to you. By using payments features through Verified.Associates Products and Services, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically any important information regarding your payments or your account. We may also provide notices to you by posting them on our website or by sending them to an email address or postal address that you have previously provided to us. Website and email notices shall be considered received by you within 24 hours of the time posted or sent; notices by post shall be considered received within three (3) working days of the time sent.

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